Roxana Vogel

Psychologist in Switzerland

„The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

- Carl R. Rogers

I'm a Polish psychologist living and working in Switzerland.

My office is open for everyone who wants to develop themselves, feel more comfortable and satisfied in life.Denis Waitley said: “Personal development is the belief that you are worth the effort, time, and energy needed to develop yourself”, and I can’t agree more with this sentence. I also believe that each situation in our life, even the hard ones can bring us something worthwhile, like greater self-esteem, strength or new perspectives.


If you feel some kind of discomfort because of work, relationships, or personal difficulties, if it’s hard for you to deal with your emotions and thoughts, or you would like to improve your skills, and extend your knowledge I’m inviting you to contact me.

About me

psychologist, addiction therapy specialist 

I have a master's degree in psychology and since finishing my study at the Jagiellonian University, I have worked as a psychologist. Before I moved to Switzerland I was a therapist/psychologist in a rehab centre, social-readaptation centre, and worked with individual clients. I conducted individual and group sessions, as well as various workshops. For two years I had an opportunity to be a tutor for students, and to share my knowledge and skills with students form Poland and the Netherlands.

I love to observe how my clients are changing, finding their way to happiness, increasing their life satisfaction- that's my biggest motivation to work and help others. As a therapist I try to integrate different therapeutic tools and approaches to fit the needs of the individual client. However, my understanding of human beings and how therapy should look like is close to humanistic thinking, which is complementary with motivational interviewing. Because I care about my clients and their proper development, I regularly supervise my work.



“The great thing in this world, is not so much where we are, but in which direction we are moving.”

Individual sessions

Choose Distance
or In-Person Sessions

There are two ways to work with me: face-to-face or on-line via Skype. The first thing you should do is make a decision which way is better for you and your current life situation.

Initial Consultations


First 1 or 2 meetings have the form of a consultation. It's a time for me and you to get to know each other. We will identify problems, motivation, and willingness to work on them. Then we will decide together about beginning our work.

Working onwards


When the decision is positive, we can start the process and determine the contract, which means we are able to agree our goals and more formal stuff (like how often, how long, and in which form).


Sorry now it's time for myself

I would like to invite you to take part in a cycle of workshops. Very often in our daily routine we don't have time for a look inside ourselves. That is why I created a series od monthly workshops called "Sorry now it's time for myself". During those workshops we will work on the area of relations, communication, needs, emotions, realise our dreams and try to find solutions for many different problems. We will also have fun and get know each other. Workshops are for everyone, you can take your friends, acquaintances and even your enemies (maybe finally you will like each other:)

Workshops take place monthly on a particular day from 19.00-21.00. We will work in a small group.


To attend you need to sign up, it means send me an email, shoot me a message or call me. 


Because of structure of workshops, please be on time (if you will late more than 10 minutes I can't let you in).

Workshops will only take place if there are at least 4 participants, booked in 24 hours before it starts, otherwise I'll be forced to cancel the room and the workshop. So please sign up when you are sure that you want to and can come, or let me know as early as possible that you need to cancel. 


Please note that the fee is 20 CHF per person.



(0041) 77 536 86 54

Money, money, money, must be funny in the rich man's world

Money - is what we all use, what we need, sometimes desire. It is something that accompanies us in our daily lives. We often think what to do with it, or how to have more of it. There are many courses, workshops, which ensure that you will learn, how you can easily become an almost millionaire. This workshop is nothing like that!

I invite you to look at this topic (the topic of money) from a different, deeper perspective. Here we will wonder: What kind of attitude do we have towards money, do we like or despise it? What makes it so that we usually have it or permanently need it? We will also check influences ours beliefs and family story have on our material well-being. We will talk about rich father, about poor father and cultural differences.


Zurich: 16.04.2019; 19.00-21.00

Streulistrasse 17, 8032 Zurich


Bern: 17.04.2019; 19.00-21.00

Gartenstadtstrasse 7, 3098 Köniz



Communication and relationships

Because we are social animals, it is obvious that we need other people to live and very often to feel more satisfaction and happiness in our lives. But in order to build constructive relationships at different levels, we need to know how we comunicate and how other people perceive it.

During the workshop we will explore how we communicate with each other and how we enter into new relationships. We expand on what authentic contact means, how we can build it, what supports us and what handicaps us. We will check if we know what feedback, observations, and judgments are and why we use etiquettes. We will observe and drill into what kind of language we are using in our daily routine.

Zurich: 14.05.2019; 19.00-21.00

Streulistrasse 17, 8032 Zurich


Bern: 15.05.2019; 19.00-21.00

Gartenstadtstrasse 7, 3098 Köniz



Big hope- about summer, making dreams come true and relaxation

Summer is mainly associated with great weather, good mood, energy, holidays, relaxation and many other positive things. In summer everything sounds possible and attractive, and very often we have big hopes for this “special” time. I would like to look at the summer from a slightly different perspective, not negative, but more “chillaxing”.

That’s why we will talk about stress before summer time, why it can be a hard and disappointing time, and why we don't know how to rest. We will try to use Mindfulness technique. This workshop will mostly focus on anti-stress techniques, which help us feel more relaxed and improve our mood.

Zurich: 11.06.2019; 19.00-21.00

Streulistrasse 17, 8032 Zurich


Bern: 12.06.2019; 19.00-21.00

Gartenstadtstrasse 7, 3098 Köniz

Relationships and love

Love is a beautiful but sometimes also a difficult topic. There is many movies, books, poems about love, which sometimes proved to be not very easy. Even around us there are millions of similar stories (happy love, sad love, difficult love, aggressive love, dramatic love and so on). But do we wonder why this is the way it is? Hmmm...rather not..We love someone and that’s it!

However, a little bit of self-knowledge in this area will certainly not kill the romanticism of love ;)

During the workshop we will answer such questions as: What is relationship for me? What is love and whether there is only one definition of love? We will try to find out why we are choosing partners the way we do, and discover why we need conflicts. How to talk about love and don't forget about egoism. We will think about why love does not come and how to live happy as a single person. And why we love many times. 

Zurich: 09.07.2019; 19.00-21.00

Streulistrasse 17, 8032 Zurich


Bern: 10.07.2019; 19.00-21.00

Gartenstadtstrasse 7, 3098 Köniz

I want to change "............."

We all more or less would like to change something in our lives or in ourselves. It it absolutely natural. We need change, it is the result of our development, self-awareness, and willingness to take one step forward, no matter in which area.

But sometimes, even when we know what it is, it is a very hard task. There can be many different reasons, that make this process complicated and sometimes impossible to achieve. During this workshop we will try to identify those reasons, deal with them and make our own specific cycle of change.

Zurich: 13.08.2019; 19.00-21.00

Streulistrasse 17, 8032 Zurich


Bern: 14.08.2019; 19.00-21.00

Gartenstadtstrasse 7, 3098 Köniz

My Iceberg

Emotions are very important in our life, and for sure life without them would be just awful (even without those which are sometimes hard to handle). Many times we use “popular” emotions to describe our state/mood/feelings, like happy, mad or sad. But the spectrum of emotions is much wider, and when we are more precise with describing them, it’s easier to handle, communicate and enjoy them. Communicate also means that we know how to express our emotions, which can be even a harder task.

That is why this workshop will be fully about our emotional life.

Zurich: 10.09.2019; 19.00-21.00

Streulistrasse 17, 8032 Zurich


Bern: 11.09.2019; 19.00-21.00

Gartenstadtstrasse 7, 3098 Köniz

Old me in a new environment

This workshop is for people who have come from abroad, have decided to live in Switzerland and are trying to find themselves in a new country and among new people. As we all know, changing the environment it is not an easy task. We may feel many different dissonances, for example: we try to follow new rules, behaviours vs. we want to keep our habits, we are missing home, friends vs. we want to build new relationships, we are scared vs. we are excited, and so on. There are many things we have to deal with, which can confuse us a little.

That’s why the workshop will be an opportunity to explore a new culture and Swiss traditions, which is a very important process for full adaptation. We will try to match old habits with new ones. We will discuss the biggest difficulties related to this topic and we will find solutions for them. Additionally, it will be a good opportunity to meet new people!


The workshop consists of two parts,so we will meet twice: 


Bern: 13.04 and 27.04.2019; 13.00-16.00

Gartenstadtstrasse 7, 3098 Köniz


Zurich: 18.05. and 01.06.2019; 13.00-16.00

Jupiterstrasse 42,8032 Zurich


Minimum number of participants is 4 (otherwise the workshop will be cancelled). 


Please note that the fee is 100 CHF per person. 


What to do to take part in the workshop:

- send me an email, text message or call me to sign up

- pay half or full of the price at least 48 hours before the workshop starts (of course if the workshop will be cancelled you will have your money back). 



(0041) 77  536 86 54

How well do I know myself

We are all able (more or less) to describe ourselves, some basic traits, our character, and our appearance. But how good do we really know what we are like inside? How good are we able to describe our “Self”? In our daily routine we don’t have time to think why, how, for what etc., we are not taught how to do it, and how to discover simple things about us, that will make ultimately enhance our daily lives. This cycle of workshops will be a special kind of meeting...meeting with yourself :) We will widen the awareness of ourselves, we will search our resources and think about our comfort zones.

The workshop consists of two parts,so we will meet twice: 


Bern: 15.06 and 22.06.2019; 13.00-16.00

Gartenstadtstrasse 7, 3098 Köniz


Minimum number of participants is 4 (otherwise the workshop will be cancelled)


Please not that the fee is 100 CHF per person


What to do to take part in the workshop:

- send me an email, text message or call me to sign up

- pay half or full of the price at least 48 h before the workshop starts (of course if the workshop will be cancelled you will have your money back)



(0041) 77 536 86 54

Other offer


I also offer workshops/lectures in various areas for companies and schools. If you are interested, please contact me. 


Individual session/consultation 50 min- 100 CHF (Skype session is charged at the same rate)

Payment options:

  • face-to- face session- payment is in cash at the end of each session
  • Skype session- payment by transfer 


Workshops - it depends on type of workshop. You can see the price and method of payment in the description of each workshop.


If you have some questions or you would like to make an appointment please call, send an email or fill out the form


In Bern I work always in the same place, in Zurich workshops and individual sessions are in a different space. Place for workshop you can find in a description of workshop, place for individual sessions I will give when we agree to meet. 

Roxana Vogel

Gartenstadtstrasse 7
3098 Köniz

(0041) 77 536 86 54